Monday, 11 January 2016

Adaptation B- The Fox and the Star

For this adaptation project I'd like to adapt from an illustrated book called 'The Fox and the Star,' by Coralie Bickford-Smith. It's a short story about a fox that lives in a dark forest, who is befriended by a star which lights up the forest for him.

I feel this is a good story to adapt as it is quite cryptic in style, and it was only published last year, which means there maybe no adaptations of it so far.

My idea so far is to have a lone fox cub wondering the night time forest. Lost and scared, he tries to find his mother, but the forest is too dark for him. Then a star comes down and appears in the form of his father. The father then proceeds to light up the forest, and guide the cub to safety. Soon the sun begins to rise, and the father stops in his tracks. He can not stand in the sunlight like his cub, and so keeps to the shrinking darkness. Just as the stars disappear in the morning, the father flees from the rising sun, and follows the night as it's chased into the horizon. The cub is left on his own, until he notices the familiar figure of his mother appear from the same horizon as the sun rose from.

The idea is that the cub's father is dead, and has appeared to his child in the form of a star. I'd like this to be a symbolism for the dead living on in dreams, and only appearing at night fall as do the stars.

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