Sunday, 10 January 2016

Infographic Project- First Thoughts

'The Habits of the Singleton' is a title I leaning towards for the inthographic animation. The first idea I have for the infographic is in a style similar to the Monty Python animations, cross with an old British film style. So far I've thought of a character, to base the infographic around. I know that character animation can be complex, which is why I've chosen the Monty Python style. I want this to be comedic, and show the slightly tragic side of being single.

Above is the first sketch of the character, along with some font styles that may suit the animation. Below are two sketches that portray a couple of singleton habits that may feature in the final piece.


  1. In terms of the implied surrealism, you might also enjoy Bill Plympton:

    1. Thanks for the links, I especially liked the kissing video :D