Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Adaptation A- Sketches for Infographic

For the infographic project there are a number of sketches I want to feature in the final film. I've sketched them out to give a visual motif as to what I want out of my infographic. This will also help me create a storyboard and animatic. I'm not confident in After Effects or Flash, so I will need help from tutors. If I want help I need to be able to convey how these sketches work once animated.Here are some brief explanations as to what each sketch represents.

Habits of a Singleton

1. Never needing to shave
2. Watching couples they don't know
3. Having pride in a pet plant
4. Eating entire contents of fridge
5. Clearing out the drinks isle in shops
6. Growing use to morning breath
7. Delightful conversations with one's self 
8. Flirting with strangers, through the communication of 'footsies' 


  1. I love how she eats the fridge. I miss when I was single and eating fridges

  2. I really like your use of visual comedy here, Cat. Can definitely see those Monty Python influences.