Saturday, 2 January 2016

Character- Game Play Development

This is a concept drawing of what the game would look like if it existed. It is a 3D video game to be played on consoles, and the target audience are young teenagers. In this still image, Lecti is faced with two wasp beasts, who are guarding the wilderness from the citizens of Parvus.

The wasps are the main enemies that Lecti has to face, and so there is combat between him and the beasts. On the drawing, below Lecti are two coloured bars. The red one measures Lecti's health, and the green one measures his stamina. I was going to add more health bars to the screen the show the status of enemies that Lecti fights, but I didn't want the screen to become too busy. So I came up with an alternative way to show the health of Lecti's enemies.

Under the enemies are glowing platforms, these are what give away to the status of any foe.
1. Red- the foe is aware of the player's presence, and intends to attack. This would be the colour that shows up in combat.
2. Green- either the foe hasn't detected the player's presence yet, or the foe has a reason to not attack, meaning it may be safe to approach.
3. Blue- the foe is sleeping or has been knocked out during combat.
4. No colour- this means that the foe is dead.

As the enemy takes damage, the colour platform starts to shrink, when it disappears that means the foe has been defeated.

When the player takes damage, they can restore their health from finding items to eat. Different items can provide different things for the player.

Flowers- increase the rate of health regeneration.
Red Apples- restores health.
Purple Berries- applies poison to weaponry for a short time.
Carrots- give night vision to player for a short time.
Green Apples- restores stamina.
Honey Orb- player takes no damage for a short time.

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  1. I like the turn based rpg format, it looks really effective the way you have portrayed it.