Friday, 1 January 2016

Character- Main Character Concept

My original idea for my game was to have it as an RPG, allowing the player to create their own character. However this made it difficult for me to design a main character, as that would be left to the player to make. So I played a few video games (for research) and I've decided to fix a character to be the centre of this game. This is Lecti, a male bee who was born with an extremely rare defect. He was born without a sting, and to a bee a sting is the most important part of their anatomy. The sting is the natural weapon of the bee which they'd use in battle to defend their Queen. It is a symbol that defines them as being part of a hive, and to die in battle whilst from using the sting is seen as a great honour.  

However Lecti has no sting, and is banished from the hive with disgrace, as he is seen to be rebelling against the queen for being this way. And so Lecti must now live out his life as an outcast, away from the protection of the hive. Optimistic as he is, Lecti sees the positive aspects of this outcome. He is free to determine his own lifestyle and can do what he wishes without the restraints the hive has on the other bees.

The name Lecti is one I've made up, taken from the word 'electi' which (according to Google) is the Latin word for 'chosen.'