Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The Astrologer- Character and Narrative Concepts

Before I move further on with this project, I need to make up my mind about which character concept to go with when designing the astrologer. I've done two sketches of two very different looking astrologers. Number one is based on a mole, and his eyes are squinted because of all the time he's spent staring into telescopes. Number two is based on an owl, as it's a nocturnal creature that dwells in the sky. I feel that number two is my favourite, so I may continue developing him as the main character.

In the original fable, the astrologer predicts the future by observing the stars. However this turned his attention for what was happening in the immediate future, and he proceeded to fall into a ditch. In my adaptation, I imagine the astrologer living on top of a tall mountain, where he can observe the stars freely. When reading up on stars I realised that many constellations are named after characters of folklore and mythology. Also a lot of constellations are named for resembling animals, which gave me the idea, to have the stars form into the shapes of animals (birds in particular) and have the astrologer be a kind of bird watcher.

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