Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Adaptation B- Rough Storyboard

The idea behind this adaptation of the fable 'The Astrologer' has the astrologer act as a kind of bird watcher. He lives on top of a mountain that looks down on a small settlement. His house is stationed at the peak, where he can see the stars clearly. In his world he can see the stars take shape into different types of birds, different species represent different types of prophesies. In the animation, the astrologer comes across a prophesy about a storm that will come in the near future. He makes a record of this, then goes back to watching the stars. It's here when he sees the stars take the form of a peacock, with gold shimmering colours in its feathers. This is a prophesy for great wealth. So taken by the appearance of the peacock, the astrologer rushes to follow the bird but it moves away quickly. In haste the astrologer grabs his binoculars and chases after the peacock. He runs out onto the wooden deck that supports his house, and fails to see the sudden drop in front of him. The film concludes with the astrologer plummeting to his death.

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