Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Hookworm Holiday- First Story Board

This is a very rough story board to help me plan ahead. As soon as I establish a full story board, I can see exactly what I have to design in terms of environments, characters and props.
'For a bookworm, life may seem a dump...'

'So why not get away? With Hookworm Holidays!'   

'Simply attach yourself to a human foot. Carefully.'

'And then burrow down below the skin.'

'First, one of our tour guides will take you to the ravishing red rivers of the human blood stream.'

'Gorgeous views and tranquil settings, you will travel peacefully up the first point of interest.' 

'The colossal lungs of the chest cavity.'

'Enjoy the gentle breeze of the human inhaling and exhaling.'

'Then try an adrenaline rush.'

'With our very own flying simulator.'

'The breeze will escort you to the sky high views of the mouth.'

'Take in the historic surroundings of the organic cave.'

'Up next is rafting the saliva rapids which will bring you to the spa.'  

'Located in the stomach are the hot acid baths, to help melt away the stress that comes with the hookworm life.'

'Why not enjoy a bite to eat from our buffet whilst resting your rump?'

'And after a long full filling day, settle in for the night in the lower intestines.'

'But you can't stay too long...'

'Ha ha, just kidding. You can stay as long as you like. Hookworm Holidays are fun for the whole family, so why not bring the kids?'

'Why not make more?'


  1. I think this is a really fun idea Cat! :)

    In your first frame, did you mean 'bookworm' or 'hookworm'?

  2. Hookworm. Thank you, I'm glad you like it :)