Monday, 2 February 2015

The Old Story

I've recently spoken to Phil and established my story idea, changing the previous ideas I had. My old story was about a little ghost who gets kicked out of his haunted house and the dentist helps him get it back. I also came up with the idea that's in my last OGR, but after speaking with Phil I quickly scrapped that idea and I didn't do any work for it apart from what's on my OGR. The work I did for the original story I wanted to share on my blog.

First character designs. I was originally going to base the characters on different animals, having the dentist as an octopus and the villains as vultures or hyenas. 

The vultures are estate agents who scavenge on old houses to make money from re-building and selling them.

Story board page 1

Story board page 2

Story board page 3

Story board page 4

Story board page 5

Story board page 6

Story board page 7- this is uncompleted, but I don't need to finish it as it's not the story I'm going with.

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