Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Script to Screen OGR 2

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  1. OGR 05/02/2015

    Hi Cat,

    Your script reads nicely - and while the presentation of your rough storyboard leaves a lot to be desired and frustrates me (there's a scrappiness to your treatment of your own work that you *really* need to address!), it's readable. There is also some innate charm to your drawings, though I'd think again about your actual use of drawing media in terms of the presentation of your characters etc. I'd like to see you working much more cleanly, using distinct shapes, line art and a more 'production art for animation' approach - which means a more graphical articulation of your various assets; there's too much softness and spongey detail to your character - certainly if you were planning to model from him. As you take the design process forward, I'd really like to see you tackle the issues posed by your illustrative style in terms of readying something for 3D - so I want to see you moving your work more in this direction now

    I'm sorry to go on, but you need to get tidier, Cat, so you can inspire confidence as a designer, as well as an 'imagineer'. I want to see your storyboard finessed too - a client-facing storyboard, the principle of which is to communicate fully to others and reassure them in terms of your vision. In terms of your concept art too, just beware the 'total softness' of your style here; the interior actually feels quite impressionist and therefore romantic, so not the feel you want. I'd really like to see you again thinking more about 'concept art for animation' as opposed to just 'digitally painting what your imagination is showing you' - they're not the same thing. I want to see more structure, more organisation and stronger compositions as you explore your world further. I also want to get a greater sense of you referring to real world reference and period detail as you design these spaces etc. Your interior is soft, generic and 'nowheresville' in terms of its furnishings, wallpaper, interior dimensions, interior architecture etc. I want to get a much stronger sense of where I'm at. Short version is I want to see much more evidence of a production design pipeline, with your assets being pushed, polished and readied for production. There is something else I want you to do as a matter of habit and house-keeping: when you've photographed your pencil drawings etc, take them into photoshop, then make the image Grayscale; then use levels, and brightness and contrast etc. to whiten the paper and punch-up the black line. I no longer want to be looking at grubbied, murky images of your drawings... it's time to look the part, Cat!

    This is a nice script, with the beginnings of a nice character, and some lovely opportunities for design and refinement: I want you to look at the animation pipeline and mirror your presentation accordingly! Onwards!