Monday, 9 February 2015

House Built in Maya- Changing the Face

Now I've duplicated the house model and used the copy to experiment with. I made changes to the shape of each part of the house to mach it to my concept drawings, and I think I've achieved this quite well as the model made on Maya strongly resembles the artwork designed.
 I started by duplicating the first model, as I want to keep the original to copy from again.
 Then I inserted more edges with the edge loop tool. By doing this I created more vertexes allowing me to select one and re-position and altar the overall shape of the house bit by bit.
 The top windows are positioned to be eyes, and so by selecting the vertexes I manipulated the shape to create a more expressive shape to convey emotion.
 For some parts of the house I had to make the model transparent so I could reach the vertexes not visible. Then I altered the roof to create a set of devilish horns, just like in my concept art.


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  2. This is so good! I can see how the original design is coming through in your 3d stuff :)