Thursday, 5 February 2015

Playing in Mudbox

In Mudbox I found you can start with shapes and figures and sculpt from them. One of the examples was a human figure, but I thought the figure was masculine, so I experimented to make the male figure into a female figure. I tried to remember what I learnt in life drawing, about the anatomy of the human body. This is how it went so far, and I may go back to it to add more.
Mudbox default figure- before I began sculpting. 

I pulled in the waist to bring out the hips and create a more feminine shape. 

To create curves I used the bulge tool, which brought out bulges and bumps in the model, but the surface was crooked and not neat like skin. 

So I found the smooth tool that smoothed out any harsh edges and made the model look over all more natural. 

After I used smooth tool.

What I've achieved on my first day using Mudbox.

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