Thursday, 5 February 2015

Script to Screen- Character Design of Dentist

 After the second OGR I was advised to neaten my work to make it clearer and simpler. Though my character is simple I designed him in clear detail for anyone to understand. I started by showing different views of him.
 Here I experimented with different emotions on my character's face. I found that using his mustache is a good aspect of express his feelings. With my character I don't really want his mouth to be seen, like Gromit from 'Wallace and Gromit.' I feel that this makes him appear as a calm character, something that contrasts strongly with the character of the house.


  1. I like the little guy, i want him 3d printed!!

  2. I like him too, though I'd suggest that you dress him like a dentist from the get go - so he looks unmistakably like a dentist always, even when the logic of this is, well, illogical. He needs to look like what he is for an immediate reading. And now I want you to clean up the actual lines your using - take this guy into Sketch Book Pro and 'trace' him using unbroken line art. I want to see him created out of unbroken, smooth shapes - like you'd see in a colouring book!