Monday, 2 February 2015

Script to Screen- Story Board

I find working on paper much easier to scribble down ideas. So this is a very rough story board I drew out of my animation. I find very helpful to do as it showed me everything I needed to design in terms of concept art and what I needed to write in the script.
Page 1- First view of the house, the dentist is there looking at it holding a plan of what he wants the house to become. He walks in and hears a noise coming from a mirror. He's sees a figure run past in the reflection. 

Page 2-He quickly looks around to check if he's alone, and finds a box of matches. He lights one and holds it near to the mirror, seeing more figures in the reflection. The figures have objects like pieces of furniture, and they are smashing them up. The interior of the house is visible in the mirror, and it's clear that the figures are in fact smashing up the house. 

Page 3- The a monstrous face appears in the mirror, scaring the dentist. It screams at him, telling him to leave. The dentist runs out the house and turns back to see it take shape into a monstrous face, like the one in the mirror. The beastly house roars at him and he runs down the street.

Page 4- When the dentist has made some distance between him and the house he turns back to see the house sitting alone, looking lonely, and a bit sad. He then has an idea and walks back up the house with something.

Page 5- The house goes to attack the dentist but just as it is about to reach him, the dentist brings out a paint brush and starts to paint the house. The house starts to enjoy the attention and let's the dentist paint it's monstrous teeth white.

Page 6- The dentist get's to work on the house and brings other tools to help repair it's damaged figure. He tidies up the exterior and interior until the house is clean and smiling. He then puts a sign in the ground showing it was a dental practice.

Page 7- The dentist and the house smile at each other and he walks into the house. The clip is to mirror one of the opening scenes when the dentist walks into the house before. This is to be a before and after shot. A sign is put into the window saying 'open for business' and there is an exterior shot of the house smiling, with a queue of people forming outside of it. 

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