Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Hookworm Holidays! Concept Idea FEEDBACK NEEDED

Out of slime mold, influenza, hookworm and malaria I decided to go for hookworms as my topic for this project. In Peter Klappa's video about hookworms I found it really interesting how the worms travel in and around the human body, and naturally I thought of a holiday concept for the hookworms. Lovely. I remember seeing a short animation that advertises a made up holiday park for witches. I found this a dark humour that I really like, and I think will work well with the concept of hookworms taking a holiday in a human body.
'Take a relaxing sailing trip down the blood stream. Hookworm holidays.'
'First class accommodation located in the small intestines. Hookworm holidays.' 


  1. I like this idea very much! Thought of this and it's use of 'postcards' as a means of moving through the various locations more efficiently?

  2. What the hell is that video? But that is close to the idea of my animation idea. I'm glad you like it I have a lot of ideas for it and I'd like it to be funny and well as dark. I can see postcards come in handy for it as well. I wanted to establish the idea of the animation as soon as possible, so I'm very happy to hear your feedback :)