Monday, 2 February 2015

Script to Screen Story

A dentist buys an old house intending to open a dental practice with it. When he sees the house it's damaged and disturbed, maybe even haunted, and the house comes to life and throws him out. Clearly it didn't like humans and didn't trust the dentist because he was one. The dentist figures out that the house is in need of some care so decides to fix it up. The house becomes happier and the dentist gets his dental practice. So that's a very brief and simple explanation of what happens in my story. So far I've done mainly sketchbook work as I find it easier to get my ideas down on paper than Photoshop. I've designed the characters and drawn out a rough story board, but I'm yet to create concept art of the environments used and write a script. I wanted to get the storyboard down first, as it will help a lot for me to put it into words. Annoyingly some of the images here uploaded sideways, even though they weren't saved onto my documents like that.
First sketches of the dentist.

First sketches of the house.

I was having trouble designing the 'monster' house so I looked at normal houses and tried to deform the shapes of them.

Monster house.

A possible before and after? Maybe this is what the house will look like when the dentist fixes it up.

Dentist character design.

House after the dentist has worked on it. I based the colour scheme on the character design of the dentist. Also I had it look like the house has a shining set of white teeth, with the roof tiles, and have the house smiling. The dentist uses his role and skill on this house.

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  1. This is a wonderful concept Cat! It fits perfectly :D